Saturday, July 24, 2010

A post from Jill

Hi guys!

I just posted on my own blog, so I am feeling both tired and like something of a windbag. The blog is called extrabloggage. Easy to find.

As for my writing: I think I just took a week off. I still have so many books to read on our list, and every time I try, I fall asleep. I started The Golden Compass. Page six, asleep. I begin reading Feed. I just kept cracking up because it seems futuristic and dated at the same time! And kind of slow, and again--I was asleep in moments! I need to be reading books about families and ghosts. Are there any books on the list that fit that description? Help me!

So I typed up my workshop notes and I have to revise 50 pages for my first packet. So why haven't I begun? Because I am bust blogging! That's why! How will I get any work done if I have blogging assignments?

It already seems like a million years ago, doesn't it? My hint for anyone having trouble: Start a writing journal on your computer and write in it about why you don't feel like writing. It will get you ready to write.

love Jill


Mellisa said...

Yo Jill,

Check out Wintergirls. Obviously, the book isn't on our list, and the text is not about ghosts, but Anderson shows us the mental disintegration of a teen who believes she can communicate with the ghost of her best friend. The protag. knows her bf has passed on, but she is haunted by her. The protag. communicates with the "ghost." Anderson beefs up the tension in the latter half. ENJOY! I used that book with Charlotte's Web for my last essay! HA! Good times!

I MISS YOU!!! Write on, sweet woman! :0)

Anne said...

i totally agree about feed - i thought it was futuristic and dated at the same time - a weird combo, don't you think?
you probably just need SLEEP right now - residency was a huge brain drain - really we should all go away to a tropical island and sip margaritas in the sun for at least a week to decompress post-residency, don't you think?!?!?!

Jyoti Kumari Dugal said...

Jill! I fell asleep reading the golden compass but it's not so bad when it gets interesting. Sometimes I wish we had more up to date books on our reading list. *Sigh*

I'm glad you are blogging. Sounds like writing to me =)

ANNE-- I'm going to Catalina island on tuesday and wednesday! I'm super excited. I'll try to sip a margarita for you.

Mellisa said...

Ooooh, margaritas! Is noon too early to sip one? Sike! Maybe... I miss y'all!

p.s. We all have equal opinions about Feed. I fell asleep countless times, and then switched to another book before the first 40 annotations were due. I can't avoid the book any longer...Maybe a margarita will help. :0)