Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One day down....

It's day two in the writing game for the semester and I am trying to stay on top of it all like a super hero. I even turn off my internet now when I write and I am doing an exercise before every session to get my writer juices (don't think dirty mel) flowing. I am doing morning walks at 6 30 am and writing in my head. I am going to buy a recorder today so I am record my thoughts when I have an idea. What do you all think about that? Is that just too cliche? How is everything going for everyone else? Is it weird being back home? Does your pet remember you? Does your significant other love you more because they missed you? Do you dread going to work as much as i do? I just want to stay home and write. Also, I started reading "Writing the Breakout Novel" by Donald Maass. AMAZING! I am just eating this craft book up and I am only 70 pages in. It's pretty cheap so I recommend it. =)

Love and miss you all,


P.S. When is everyone's first packet due? Mine is September 1


Anne said...

I don't think its cliche - i think its GREAT! I've tried the record my thought thing before but for some reason I can never really understand the recording - maybe has something to do with the constant commotion of the three LOUD boys and one semi-loud girl always being with me!!!!
I have been doing a lot of thinking about my packet, but so far have had no productive writing time -- hopefully today is the day!
You have inspired me to greater heights!!!

Mellisa said...

Go, Jyoti!!!! I'm so proud of you! Keep going! :0)