Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guilt and All

Anne, you should absolutely not feel guilty EVER about writing.

I saw the movie Golden Compass and heard the author speak at the Chicago Humanities Festival a few years back when the theme was green. He seems like a talented guy with a good heart.

I'm still trying to finish my reflections, but I've spent some time working on scenes for the middle of my novel and I'm excited because it has a lot of energy. Seems like it was a good idea to put it aside for awhile and work on picture books. Can't wait to write my way through to the end so I'll have a draft to work with.

Also started researching sociopaths and victims. This should be interesting...


Anne said...

I loved the movie! It would be fun to hear the author speak - was he interesting?

Anne said...

PS Thanks for the guilt reassurance - I need to hear that I'm doing the right thing :-)
Good luck researching sociopaths! Should be interesting indeed!

Mellisa said...

Your research sounds fascinating, Pam! Do report on what you discover about sociopaths. Cheers!